About Us


We are a healthcare start-up company aiming to provide personalized medical care to all our customers, along with an online consultation facility. We aspire to ensure professional, ethical and effective services across India.


We believe the fact that a timely detection can prevent the onset of a disease. Teaming this with a pocket-friendly experience further ensures a healthy and happy workforce. At Workolix, we look at just that! 

Our Values

Respect one’s time

Best assistance provided as our agents are just a call away!

Commit to provide the best

Customized packages at competitive prices that suit the needs of our customers!

Quality services

High quality services and accurate diagnosis ensure our customers get a fulfilling experience!

Why Choose Us?


Your decision for choosing us would be right for the following reasons –


1. Customized Corporate Packages
2. Competitive prices
3. Service at your doorstep!
4. Complimentary doctor consultation and dietary plan
5. Centers across Pan India

Invest in prevention. Do not wait for the disease to arrive. Preventive health is good for the people and the environment.